3 Ways To Get Help With Online Schooling

With COVID-19 deeply impacting the way schools must operate, families are finding themselves with a host of new problems to deal with.

  • “My elementary aged daughter has to stay home all day, but I have to work. Who’s going to watch her?”

  • “My son can barely stay focused on class when he’s face-to-face with a teacher. How is he going to learn anything from a video call?”

  • “My teenager's school went entirely online. If I’m not home, how can I make sure she is joining her video calls and actually attending her classes?”

If this accurately describes your struggle, don’t worry. Most families in our area are facing these same issues, and we’d love to help you find the right solution.

3 Ways To Get Help With Online Schooling

1. Hire a Nanny


Whether you’re working from home or in the office, a nanny might be the best route for your elementary and middle school-aged children

  • Alongside typical child-care duties, a nanny could assist your children with basic academics (i.e, logging onto virtual class, homework help). 

  • The downsides: high cost, not as focused on academic improvement.

2. Join a Pod

Kids are supervised in groups and get to enjoy some social interaction during the school day.

  • Paid pod: A few organizations offering this type of pod are ConnectVA, B&G Educational Consulting, and the YMCA. They typically cost about $100-200 a week.

  • Self-organized pod: you can gather with other parents in your area and each take on some of the responsibility for watching the group of students. Many parents are reaching out to each other on platforms such as Nextdoor to organize these groups. This is a good free option for parents who have enough time to take on some of the responsibility for watching children. It’s not ideal for parents with a busy work schedule.

3. Book a Tutor

As you may have guessed, this is our favorite option! It’s not right for everyone though. Tutors are ideal for students who don’t need constant supervision but need someone to check in on them regularly and ensure they're learning and comprehending material well. A tutor is better equipped than a nanny to teach the student information they may be struggling to learn, and also costs far less as they only assist the student for a few hours a week.

A music tutor can break up the monotony of the school day by engaging the child with something different from their academic study. Music lessons can be rejuvenating and help the student complete the rest of their work with renewed energy.

An academic tutor can keep track of the student’s assignments and classes to make sure they are getting their work done on time and learning the material well. One of the best things about booking lessons with a local tutor is your child is able to receive (masked) face-to-face instruction! A lot of students struggle with sitting in front of a computer all day and learning from someone in-person can be the medicine they need to stay engaged in their online classes. Having lessons with a tutor is an amazing way to make sure your child is learning well and staying focused on their classes. If you are interested in this option, head over to book a tutor page and book a lesson today!


By Rohan Halloran

September 26th, 2020